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Stories about adventurous sunglasses

Enzoriva – takes you to new horizons

There are couple of hidden gems that Enzoriva is about to explore. We are headed to Montenegro, country proud to have wild beauty and neighbouring city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Montenegro – name of the country translated as Black Mountain, you can imagine what landscape it offers. After you pass its gorgeous mountains and river canyons you hit the seaside. And what is so beautiful about it is that it offers vivacious coastline. Curvy road takes you alongside small, traditional villages, offering leisure Mediterranean lifestyle. Our first target – city of Budva. Famous nightlife spot, under watchful eye of fortress from 15 century. Having in mind that Montenegro has a lot more to offer, we continue towards Bay of Kotor with...

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Endurance man!/Homem Resistente!

...or why do people run... ...ou porque é que as pessoas correm... José Conceição My name is José Conceição, I'm 35 years old and I'm from Gondomar, Portugal. Nowadays professionaly I work as security and a barber, a course I finished recently. I practice ultra endurance trail running. I was a professional cyclist at first and during a good part of my sports carreer. Due to professional reasons I had to leave cycling and start another sport. It was as a commercial professional that I stumbled upon trail running and fell in love with it.  O meu nome é José Conceição, tenho 35 anos e resido em Gondomar, Portugal. Atualmente profissionalmente sou vigilante e barbeiro, curso que terminei recentemente. Também...

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Superman with super powers!

I am Matija Podhraski 22 years old and I am born in Croatia  What inspired you in your childhood to do what you do today?  I’m most inspired from my parents because they are big fans of motorcycles and with the time I was followed my passion for adrenalin and this is how all begin  What do you expect to become in your profession, what you strive for? My expect for my sport is to become one of best stunt riders in the world and right now Im looking for job of professional stunt master for the movies.  Do you ever fall of your bike?  I'm crashing a lot but this is a part of stunt riding life, most important...

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How to best restrain winter

...And then it comes to the point when you simply need to chill and relax…   Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there existed a small community of hard working people. They all were on the same track, pushing to the limits, reaching out to the same goal. It was a place where positive energy and laughter dominated most of the days. But then problems came along, not everything ran smoothly always. Winter came, mood changes, energy level drops… It was time to do something to bring this joyful community back in the game!  They all gather, put their heads together and decided it was time to leave for the weekend. Left all of their work and...

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I found him

Thursday afternoon… One more day at work, I wasn’t prepared. I need weekend treatment asap. No, interesting movies to watch. Excitement is what I crave for. Something to start me up! What better place to look for, than my Facebook page. Time to go out and mingle. Its winter and its too cold. I went to my regular, local pub Brod, when something unusual happened. There he was. In the crowd. Dark eyes. Smokey... Different... I knew this is the beginning of a new chapter. Gave him that Vampire Morning look, hoping he would notice me and start the conversation. Instead, he started moving in the rhythm of divine. I followed and It felt like we were the only ones...

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