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7 stupid reasons to wear sunglasses by night


Why would anyone in the right mind want to wear something that says Sun in it's product title in the night?! Unless you are a superstar!

Here what Enzoriva has to say about it:

  1. Look mysterious“Where this person came from? What species does it belong to?” People whisper behind your back. You obviously caught their attention.
  2. Be differentlike Hipsters try to. They actually don't do anything extraordinary, just use mainstream things to appear differently. You take your sunglasses and just wear them in an unexpected time of the day, and there you have it.   
  3. Be unexpectedyour friends already know everything about you. You are predictable. You diligently play the role that society imposed. Well it's time to change this!
  4. Blend into the darkyou are the night. With all it's wonderful miracles. A whole new world is living and you are a part of it.
  5. Make-up not necessaryhey boys no need to put make up on your eyes. Oh, wait, that was popular in 80s.
  6. You look prettier with sunglasses onwhat can I say – vanity. 
  7. Keeps your eyes safe from paparazzi flesh lightswhich maybe the most important. You know what it is like when you get out of your car, and just want to have a quiet clubbing night out, and then paparazzies come over you, flashing their cameras straight into your face. 



            Midnight Rider               Vampire Morning                Dark Dancer

These were 7 perfectly good reasons why we at Enzoriva created this collection for you. Then again, don't wear them by night, wear them by day!


Enzoriva wishes you happy holidays! 



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