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A tough one

Did you think that Enzoriva is just about sunglasses?! We are more than that. Just look at who do we have in #EnzoNation.

How about Hristijan Buzalkovski from Macedonia. One tough guy, for sure. He races with motorcycle. He's our brand ambassador, and we wanted to ask him a few questions so that you can get to know him!



Why are some people in racing mode like you, and some not?
Because some people are scary to do what they actually want, opposite of them I work what I like and love, with other words, I live the dream!

What would be the gold medal of your life?
Private I want to be a successful man, but in carrier the gold medal for me is MotoGP or World Super Bike!

You ride motorcycles in your free time, besides from racing?
Offcourse I ride, motorcycles are part of me, I cant live without them, its way of life!

Does that attract girls?
Hahhaha you need to ask them :D

What is common for you and Enzoriva?
Well, the positive vibes connect us.

Can you do a wheelie for us?
Well, I'm not good at wheelie, but I will try of course.


Girls, guys, what do you think, the future star of Moto GP?! Let's go there together!

Follow our social media for more information, and make sure to check out our Buzalkovski 2017 sunglasses!



Lots of Love,

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