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Get out lazy people!

For those of you that don't know, sun is actually the worst during the wintertime. Reflection from the snow and staying in the mountains are sinister to our eyes. Imagine yourselves being somewhere in the winter fairy tail surroundings.


Yes, this is probably Switzerland, I understand, but simple countryside or some local mountain will do.

And you are with your f&fs, BFFs, partners, dogs, bears and others. Having fun... not thinking about work... weather is ideal... sun is shining... snow squeaks under your feet... you are dressed well... but – what is missing on this ideal fireplace photo?!

You haven't dressed your eyes! Because God forbid, sunglasses are only for the summer, the rest of the year we live in the dark.

And that's where Enzoriva comes to rescue! 


Winter sunglasses!

Winter is not depressive season, you were misguided the whole time. Get out, you lazy people! Dress in variety of colours to contrast the whiteness of the snow. You know of this good old saying: there is no bad weather there is just poor equipment. So bring your winter Enzoriva with you, and the fun is guaranteed. You will thank us another time!


Oh, and not to forget: by day you be this enthusiastic, playful person, but at night, play mysterious, explore your dark side with our dark midnight series.

You see – we thought of everything!

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