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I found him

Thursday afternoon…

One more day at work, I wasn’t prepared.

I need weekend treatment asap. No, interesting movies to watch.

Excitement is what I crave for. Something to start me up!

What better place to look for, than my Facebook page. Time to go out and mingle.

Its winter and its too cold. I went to my regular, local pub Brod, when something unusual happened. There he was. In the crowd. Dark eyes. Smokey... Different...

I knew this is the beginning of a new chapter. Gave him that Vampire Morning look, hoping he would notice me and start the conversation. Instead, he started moving in the rhythm of divine. I followed and It felt like we were the only ones there.

In the matter of seconds he whispered to my ear: "I am the Midnight Rider". The energy of excitement rushed through my body. He sent chills down my spine. I knew the nights are ours until the morning comes. Sharing life energy and looking at new horizons…


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