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Places to visit - Enzoriva recommends!

We at Enzoriva consider ourselves a true European project. This is why we chose to recommend these cities with their most interesting cites to you.


Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal has experienced a renaissance in recent years, with a contemporary culture that is alive and thriving and making its mark in today's Europe. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is one of the rare Western European cities that faces the ocean and uses water as an element that defines the city. Lisbon enchants travelers with its white-bleached limestone buildings, intimate alleyways, and an easy-going charm that makes it a popular year-round destination, which is why we chose to present this city to you.


In the summer months, Lisbon swelters under a cerulean blue dome. ‘A praia’ (to the beach) sings out from the city’s sun-kissed, begonia blossomed streets as surf boards are stacked on top of cars and everyone makes for the beachy ‘burbs of Cascais and Estoril – 20 minutes drive from the city-centre.

Witness the best of Lisbon's bygone heritage by wandering through the Baixa district, where age-old herbalists, haberdashers and tailors rub shoulders in the baroque streets of the ornate city centre.

If you decide to go to Lisbon, don't miss to visit Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. This imperious 15th-century Manueline monastery was built to commemorate Vasco da Gama’s “discovery” of India. The main attraction is the delicate Gothic chapel that opens up on to a grand monastery, in which some of Portugal’s greatest historical figures are entombed.

Next thing on our recommendation list is Castelo São Jorge. The winding medieval streets of Lisbon’s most ancient neighbourhood, Alfama, twist up to the city’s Moorish pinnacle. The dusk-orange walls of the ancient castle date back to the ninth-century and lord over the city, being visible from almost every street.

One of the 20th century’s great philanthropists, Armenian Calouste Gulbenkian, left much of his art and historic artefacts to his favoured city, Lisbon. The museum Museu Gulbenkian, set up in his honour, now houses one of Europe’s most epic collections. Look out for priceless Hellenic vases, ancient Chinese porcelain and paintings by Rembrandt, Monet and Van Dyck. There’s also an affiliated modern art museum opposite.

And if you are a big fan of art, then this is the museum for you. The Berardo Museum has one of the world's most acclaimed modern art collections, with works by Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Duchamp, Magritte, Miró, Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Jeff Koons, among others representing dozens of modern movements. Best of all, it's free!

Contrasting with the city's oldest neighborhoods is the Parque das Nacoes. This 21st-century district - showcasing striking contemporary architecture with Europe's longest bridge as the backdrop. It includes a state-of-the-art aquarium, a casino, and a wonderful waterfront promenade.

Finally, since we at Enzoriva have a passion for fashion, we recommend the Design and Fashion Museum. The creations of top international names in fashion and design are presented in a permanent collection and in temporary exhibitions. Opened in 2009 in a former bank's headquarters, this is one of Lisbon's most surprising spaces, recognized as one of the world's leading design and fashion museums.



Seville, Spain

In Spanish, Sevilla, is the capital of Andalucia and the cultural and financial center of southern Spain. Seville is Andalucia's top destination, with much to offer the traveler.

In the 19th century Seville gained a reputation for its architecture and culture and was a stop along the Romantic "Grand Tour" of Europe. Tourist facilities are top-notch and the city is buzzing with festivals, color and a thriving nightlife scene. If you plan to travel to Seville, here are some sights we recommend you visit.

The Cathedral of Seville was once judged the third largest church in the world, and is now arguably the largest church in the world when compared using the measurement of volume. Seville's fifteenth century cathedral occupies the site of the former great mosque built in the late twelfth century. It's also significant because this is the final resting place of the remains of Christopher Columbus.

Around the Cathedral is the Jewish Quarter, Barrio Santa Cruz. It's filled with small winding streets and is generally regarded as the most charming part of the city.

For a great view of the city, you should definitely climb the 34 ramps of La Giralda. This is a large and beautiful minaret tower, originally intended for the chief mosque, but now the magnificent bell tower of the Cathedral and a symbol of Seville.

The Real Alcázar is a beautiful palace, built in the 14th Century by Pedro I the Cruel. With its myriad rooms, extravagant architecture, lavish gardens with many courtyards, ponds and secrets to be explored, it is a fascinating place to visit. Be sure to check out the room where Christopher Columbus's journey to the Americas were planned!

Finally on our list is the Plaza de España, the site of the Spanish pavilion from the 1929 exhibition. In more recent years it was used in the filming of the new Star Wars episodes. Our tip is to visit it right before it closes, to see it completely empty and rather eerie.

Plaza de España


Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and the most important center of the area. Built near the sea (at the back of the Thermaïkos Gulf), it is a modern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history and its cosmopolitan character, which give it a special beauty and charm.

Take a tour in the center of Thessaloniki. Start with Aristotelous Square, the city’s most central square boasting monumental mansions. It is one of the biggest and most impressive squares in Greece offering a view of Thermaikos Gulf. Under clear skies, you can see the Olympus massif in the far distance from the Square.

Stroll down Nikis Avenue across the seafront, extending from the city’s Port up to the Statue of Alexander the Great, lined with many cafés, bars and stores. It is one of the most popular promenade areas for locals and visitors alike.

Lefkos Pyrgos, or The White Tower, is the city's landmark.The 33.9 m high fortified cylinder tower was built under Suleiman I the Magnificent in the 16th century. Inside the Tower, there is an exhibition on Thessaloniki’s history, from its establishment until 1922. 

The White Tower


Another site worth visiting is the Ancient Agora (Market place), a trading placefrom the 3rd century BC until the 5th century AD. Discoveries include the city’s Agora the Mint, the Odeion, a hall beleived to have been housing the city archives, a part of Valaneio with baths, a tavern and a whore-house, along with many smaller finds. There is also an ancient temple and Early Christian tombs (4th -7th century) located under 3rd September Street. 

Don’t forget to visit the Harbour, the Customs house and the warehouses. The buildings have been modified to be used as venues for the International Film Festival and to house the Cinema Museum and the Photography Museum.

And if you like going to the theater, you mustn't skip the Royal Theater, a 1940 building, nowadays the seat of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. This three-storey building boasts luxurious halls and in it there is one of the most high-tech stages in Europe. It is located on the White Tower Square. Make sure to visit Ladadika, the historic neighborhood, close to Aristotelous Square, that was saved from the 1917 fire.The renovated buildings have in the recent years been converted into restaurants and night clubs. 

The city’s central streets namely Mitropoleos, Tsimiski, Ermou and Egnatia are lined with shops, awaiting customers. As you are visiting the city centre, notice the elite art nouveau buildings and mansions located there, as well as the Holocaust Victims Monument dedicated to the memory of the Greek Jews of Thessaloniki.


Here's our list of places to go to, and cites to see. Hopefully, you'll visit some of them - and don't forget to bring your pair of Enzoriva sunglasses with you!

Which of these are most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments bellow :)

Hugs and kisses from EnzoRiva team!



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