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Skateboarding as a lifestyle – Meet Ilin Kolevski

For us, at Enzoriva – sunglasses are a way to express yourself and your individuality. Because of that, Enzoriva is very proud to have the opportunity to work with young and active people. People who aren’t afraid to stand out. People who want to excel in what they do.

We are very happy to have our newest brand ambassador, Ilin Kolevski, join the Enzo team because he echoes every single thing mentioned above. Ilin comes from Macedonia and he is a skater! He is 21 years old but he has been inseparable with the skateboard for many years. He first started skateboarding when he was 12. He got interested in this because of his friends. That’s how he decided to buy his own skateboard. But soon Ilin realized that for him – skateboarding is way more than a hobby. It is a way to express himself and his lifestyle. Skateboarding to him means freedom and an outlet for all the negative energy.

Doing what you love and working hard on it can go a long way and it certainly helped Ilin overcome some problems. He lives in Macedonia, a country where skateboarding is neglected. This means that the conditions for doing this sport are far from desirable and Ilin and many like him are left on their own to manage. Becoming a professional skater sometimes seems like it is just a dream. But Ilin says that he won’t let that stop him and limit his aspirations. He works hard on his craft and he says that being a skateboarder means that you are part of a culture that goes beyond the national borders.

He started wearing Enzoriva sunglasses not too long ago and he says that he loves them because they reflect his own style. Enzoriva is honored to have Ilin as a brand ambassador and will continue to support him in his endeavors!

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