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Struggles of a modern city girl

Hey EnzoNation,

How are you handling this heat? Let's be real: it's too hot outside. Don't know about you guys, but here in Belgrade office (or to be precise, when we step OUT of our cozy air-conditioned office) is just unbearable. And now imagine going somewhere after work, meeting a best friend or a loved family member, just to catch up over some coffee and then THIS happens...

Here's our list of TOP 3 most annoying things that happen when we meet someone for a coffee on a hot summer day.


1. That person is late

Yes, this always happens. Especially when it's too hot to handle. And the more punctual you are, the later other person arrives. Respect other people's time, please!


2. Lousy coffee

While you're waiting for your company to come, you order a coffee. You had a long day at the office, you're yearning for caffeine and a nice chat... And when your waiter finally brings you coffee, you realize that's not your order - it's too sweet, or  has too much milk or is just too cold... Urghhh!


3. Constant bad news in the newspaper

Ok, you're still waiting. Luckily, in this café there is a newspaper you can borrow. You'll read something nice while you -- waaaaaait WHAT?? Bad news, bad news, bad news. Yes, we know newspaper is meant to show all news, good and bad, but hey - something pleasant to read among those terrible news wouldn't be that terrible, don't you agree?


...OK, maaaybe we overreacted a little. These things are annoying, yes. But hey, look at it from the bright side - at least you'll look hella good with our new Cateye sunglasses doing it ;)

Let us know which model is your favorite, and also tell us what annoys you the most! We're also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :)



Frame color: Black

Temple color: Black
Lense color: Silver Mirrored









 Frame color: Light Gold
Temple color: Tortoise Brown
Lense color: Brown Gradient




Frame color: Black
Temple color: Black
Lense color: Smoke Gradient




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