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Summer 2017 Bamboo collection: Sunglasses in the City!



    This is the story of four models who live in Europe, who, despite their different natures, have a passion for fashion that keeps them together, inseparable... Every day, these four models go out for shopping, drink coffee in fancy cafés or lunch at finest restaurants... This is the story of Sunglasses in the City!


     Meet Pure Water, the narrator of our story. She's very warm, concerned for and loyal to her friends, but also a bit jumpy and sometimes nervous. Being a columnist, she's always asking questions, and fretting about her love life and her social theories.

Pure is also funny in a somewhat self-deprecating way and tends to appear as unsure of herself and clumsy, but also intellectually witty and surprisingly insightful. She's always consulting her friends before she makes most decisions and has issues on dependency  matters - needs a lot of support but doesn't want to be suffocated (has panic attacks over marriage but still clings to the relationships). But altogether, her love for expensive shoes, fancy restaurants are exactly what makes her life so fabulous!


     Then we have Strawberry Shake. Ms. Shake is driven to achieve the perfect love and the perfect marriage and is completely focused on superficial values like a man's financial situation and social prestige. She attracts by trying to figure out what male models would value in a woman in order to want marriage with her and acts that way, while at the same time ignores and dismisses her own feelings in the process.


        Although mainly concerned with the perfect love, Strawberry is actually very much goal-oriented. She's very concerned with image and wants to appear refined, respectable and feminine - in other words perfect for marriage with a perfect man model. In the end she will manage to psychologically evolve - she will look behind the appearances and fall in love with someone that can satisfy her deeper needs. 


     In every groups, there's that one person with most charisma, charm and energy. In this story, that's exactly who True Cat is. 

     Mainly interested in having fun, she tends to overdo things and is a complete hedonist, ignoring and dismissing the painful side of life and love and focusing solely on the pleasure that she's after. True Cat is true in every way, and as such, is often afraid of losing her freedom by settling with a safer lifestyle. She's also concerned with power issues, but she's willing to give up a bit of her power in order to obtain more enjoyment.






     Last, but not least, we have Lemonade Spark. She mostly denies her feelings and softer side, but it's obvious to everyone else but her that she has them. She's very orderly and rigorous, a devoted rule-follower and a reliable friend and employee.

    Very concerned with her own principles, she becomes quite inflexible and has trouble with giving in to her instincts and wilder side. Ultimately, Lemonade is learning to show others how much she cares, and how much love she's got!








     Did you recognize where we got the inspiration from? :) Which model are you? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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Lots of love from Enzoriva-team




















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  • marta

    I am so True Cat (Samanta), hahaha :D

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