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Sunglasses guide: How to choose your perfect pair!

It doesn't matter if you are one of those people who buy one pair of sunglasses to serve them for life, or you enjoy to combine different pairs with different outfits, choosing the right pair is difficult. And since people tend to become less and less confident as the summer season approaches, we decided to come up with some guidelines that will help you choose the perfect pair that will flaunt your face!

The most common types of faces are: oval, heart, square and round shaped. How do determine yours? Simple. Just take a look at the outline of your face starting from the chin to your hair line and you should be able to decide which group you belong to.


This is the group of people that are characterized with long, but not as wide faces, balanced features and a chin only a bit narrower than the top of the head. Choose sunglasses with ‘middle’ size that will take on the area from the eyebrows to the cheekbones and pick up some pair that has a thicker frame so that you can add width to the length of your face. Avoid small sized sunglasses. There are many types of sunglasses on the market that fulfill this requirement, so you can choose based on your personal style!

Suggested style: Wayfarer

Recommended Enzoriva model: City Sprite Andy


This is a shape where the widest part is the top of the face and from there it narrows to the chin hence it is also called a triangle shape. This is a specific shape and requires a specific type of sunglasses that follow more-or-less the shape of the face. This means that the best type of sunglasses that will compliment your shape are sunglasses that are also wider at the top but narrower at the bottom. Try to find a pair that will be rimless or semi-rimless. Also go for the glasses with thin temples.

Suggested style: Aviator, Cat-eyed

Recommended Enzoriva model: Juicy Gossip


You can easily determine your shape if you fall under this category because it has the very specific, strong jawline, angled forehead and wide cheekbones. It is usually recommended that you try to soften the features by picking sunglasses that are either with oval or round shape of lenses. Try to avoid the rectangular shaped sunglasses or some with very edgy frames because this will just add to the already angled shape of your face instead of harmonizing with it.

Suggested style: Round, Aviator

Recommended Enzoriva model: Downtown Angel Lollipop


The round shape of the face suggests very soft features that are about the same in terms of width and length. If you fall under this category, then you should go for the horizontal frames and more rectangular sunglasses which will have a lengthening and thinning effect on your face, and avoid the round shapes that will emphasize your curvy look.

Suggested style: Wayfarer

Recommended Enzoriva model: Black Joker Jack

This of course is meant just as a starting point in your search, but will help you very little when you are faced with the many models from each style. But have no fear, the best choice that you can make is to choose the pair that you are most comfortable with because nothing looks as good as confidence!

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