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Sunglasses in movies – Top 5 most memorable looks

Fashion is a big part of movies and one more outlet for brands to expose their products through pop culture. Most of us are getting inspired by the outfits of these characters appearing on our screens.

Sunglasses, as a fashion accessory, have made a significant impact on their own. Let's try to figure out together what are some of the most noticeable looks. Here are our top 5 sunglasses styles that have appeared on the big screen:

Top Gun – Tom Cruise

Can't really make a list like this and starting it with anything else then Maverick's aviators?!

This is probably the image that appeared in your mind when we mentioned sunglasses in movies. Let's face it: not everyone can pull off the look that was made famous by Tom Cruise. But we all want to try for sure! While you are here, you can check out some of the aviators available in our shop and pick the ones that will match your style.

Our suggestion for this look: Easy Morning

Thelma and Louise – Susan Sarandon

One of the most memorable looks that just screams feminine and tough at the same time was made famous by Susan Sarandon in the super popular movie of the 90's Thelma and Louise.

In one of the the most talked about scenes ever, Louise wears Cateye sunglasses that for sure made her look iconic.

Our suggestion for this look: Cool Cat Instinct


Annie Hall – Diane Keaton

This is the role that Diane Keaton is most famous for. Interestingly enough, this is also the style that she is known for in her real life as well.

Annie Hall's style is to date one of the most discussed styles in movie history. Her femininity, mixed with tomboyish silhouettes and scruffy thrown-together looks, is something that is still heavily referenced. One of the pieces that made this look so unforgettable were her sunglasses as seen in the photo above. She wears the round shaped sunglasses to match her vibrant personality. If you want to try to pull of a similar look go for the same shape.

Our suggestion for this look: Cafe Queen Lollipop



Breakfast at Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn

The movie may be over 50 years old, but this look is definitely iconic. Audrey Hepburn is a symbol for classic beauty but one thing that put a stamp on this memorable style are the sunglasses that she wears.

So if you want this glamorous look for yourself than you should probably look for the oversized wayfarer sunglasses or as an alternative the Cateye models.

Our suggestion for this look: Champagne Supernova


Risky Business - Tom Cruise

No one is able to wear shades like Tom Cruise. As a testimony to that statement is the fact that he is the only one to make it twice on our top 5 list. This time, with a completely different model – the wayfarer.

The classic model is arguably one of the most popular models of all time and they have been worn many times, in many different movies, by many different actors. None of them however are as memorable as the black wayfarers worn by Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Our suggestion for this look: Night Glider Jack


No matter what you are inspired by, don't forget to give it a twist to make it your own. Feel free to write us in the comments section and tell us if you think there are some other models that should take part of our list.

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