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Sunglasses throughout the history

As we are right in the middle of the summer, the questions is how many times have you asked yourself 'what would I do without my sunglasses?!' But if you think about it, there were times when sunglasses were not invented. So what happened? How did this accessory that we use every day came to its existence?

While it is not know when exactly did we get sunglasses in the shape and form that they are known to us now, the first mention of sunglasses is somewhere in ancient China and Rome. It is believed that the emperor Nero used to watch gladiators fights through polished gems – something that is considered the beginning of the sunglasses concept. On the other hand, according to ancient documents, one of the first documented uses of sunglasses in China is by the ancient Chinese judges that used this sunglasses to hide their expressions when interrogating and these sunglasses were neither protective nor corrective.

In the 18th century James Ayscough thought that blue or green colored lenses can correct the vision problems and hence he was doing some experiments with the tinted lenses.

Later on, in the 19th century, sunglasses with yellow and brown lenses were prescribed for people with syphilis because one of the symptoms for the disease was sensitivity to light.

The real peak of sunglasses as an accessory was right after sunglasses became popular among the big Hollywood stars. The mass production of sunglasses began in 1929 when Sam Foster introduced them in America. These was the beginning of the sunglasses as we know them – with the idea that they protect from sun rays.

In WWII, the anti-glare sunglasses were invented and then they became really popular with celebrities first and then started getting sold to the public.

Today, there is a variety of styles, sizes, and tints available for sunglasses, but the purpose remains the same: they are protecting the eyes from the harmful sun rays and sunglasses with UV protection are practically the industry standard. What will be the next development for the sunglasses remains to be seen, but as they have become a fashion statement, we can be sure that the future is bright.

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