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Superman with super powers!

I am Matija Podhraski 22 years old and I am born in Croatia 

What inspired you in your childhood to do what you do today? 

I’m most inspired from my parents because they are big fans of motorcycles and with the time I was followed my passion for adrenalin and this is how all begin 

What do you expect to become in your profession, what you strive for?

My expect for my sport is to become one of best stunt riders in the world and right now Im looking for job of professional stunt master for the movies. 

Do you ever fall of your bike? 

I'm crashing a lot but this is a part of stunt riding life, most important thing is never stop when you crash! 

Who are your fans? 

Hmmm... I really can’t say who are my fans because I making videos with different style and passion, in 2017 I was have 120.000.000 millions views on videos and I can say, good part of world is interested to follow my life and watch new material. 

Interests besides motorcycle? 

My interests in private life is all things and sports who giving adrenalin to me haha, off course gym is very important thing of my life because I need muscle power for stunt riding 

What you think of your sunglasses? 

They are amazing for me and it will be amazing for you, so you must try it! 

How log will it take us to learn to stand on the motorcycle? 

Ha ha maybe a lot of time and maybe short time, all what is important in stunt riding is not to scare of crash!

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