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Stories about adventurous sunglasses — store news

Summer 2017 Bamboo collection: Sunglasses in the City!

        This is the story of four models who live in Europe, who, despite their different natures, have a passion for fashion that keeps them together, inseparable... Every day, these four models go out for shopping, drink coffee in fancy cafés or lunch at finest restaurants... This is the story of Sunglasses in the City! ***      Meet Pure Water, the narrator of our story. She's very warm, concerned for and loyal to her friends, but also a bit jumpy and sometimes nervous. Being a columnist, she's always asking questions, and fretting about her love life and her social theories. Pure is also funny in a somewhat self-deprecating way and tends to appear as unsure of herself and clumsy,...

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Seleccion by Enzoriva - new spring collection

After a long winter, the spring finally came, and with it, the beautiful blossoming of nature. The trees in the boulevard we walk through every day when we go to work, the grass in our favorite park, and first glimpses of flowers in it... The awakening of nature inspired us to design our new sunglasses collection. Called "Spring blossoming", these 8 different models are solely based on four colors of the spring. Fresh and exciting, like the glimpses of sun reflecting off a dew on a newly grown grass, waiting for you to wear them in this beautiful spring that’s ahead of us.Spring by Enzoriva, new inspiring models just left our manufacturing department, and will be arriving over the next...

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