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Young, talented and SUPER-FAST – Meet Hristijan Buzalkovski

To be authentic means to be true to your own personality. And here at Enzoriva - we love authenticity. And we love people who are passionate about who they are what they do. With that being said, we'd like to present one of our young brand ambassadors that Enzoriva is very proud to collaborate with.

If you haven't heard about Hristijan Buzalkovski before – well today is your lucky day because it's about time! He is a professional motorcyclist,20, coming from Macedonia. And he is on his way to stardom! As it usually goes, to be successful at something means that you get to spend a lot of time working on it. Hristijan's story story begins when he got his first electrically powered bike at age six. The love for the sport then developed in him turned into a lot of hard work and that hard work turned motorcycling into a career. Hristijan's first race came in 2014 in the Sakamoto Cup, where he won the title in his rookie year. After that, he and his team decided to measure themselves against international talent. There were many obstacles on the way for sure – they didn't have the financial support that the other competitors had and he also lacked the necessary training because there were no conditions for it. The conditions in Macedonia for this sport are on a very low level. There are no training roads even though it is without a doubt one of the most significant success factors. But even that didn't stop Hristijan and he ranked 3rd in general ranking in his class.

This season Hristijan faced some bad luck. First he broke his arm after a hard fall going 150km/h. And after that just as he was making his comeback he found himself back on the ground because one other driver drove into him. The good news is that this bad luck that was following Hristijan seems to be finally over. He is feeling better again and he is ready to put all of this behind him and strive for greatness. Hristijan believes that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. He says that there is not stopping him right now and persistence is key.

Hristijan has been one of Enzoriva's brand ambassadors for some time now and he says that he chose this brand because the sunglasses are made with highest quality, because they look great and will be a true saviour for the hot summer days. Make sure that you follow Enzoriva and Hristijan closely, because there are many new and interesting things that are coming up in the near future!

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