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You're doing it wrong - tips for wearing sunglasses on the beach

Well, the summer is here! FINALLY! :) Now it's time to grab a towel, a swimsuit, a ball, and of course your favorite pair of sunglasses and hit the beach!

We at Enzoriva are also happy because all of our hard work has finally paid off, and now we're ready to deliver you our newest models for the summer...

But, we forgot one very important thing! And that is - to prepare you for the beach as well! And while the new collection is waiting in the manufacturing to be announced in the webshop, here are some helpful tips about your sunglasses, which you might have been doing wrong...



1. You're wearing sunglasses without UVA and UVB factor!

So often we chose sunglasses based on their look, color, shape... And although those are important, keep in mind that sunglasses are primarily here to protect our eyes from the sun!

We are not going to bore you with explanations why UV rays are harmful - experts and scientist have spoken about that for so long that most of us can repeat the words in our sleep! But here is what we'll tell you - there's a way to look stylish and still be protected, just pay attention to the specification of the sunglasses before purchasing them ;)

Downtown Angel Lollipop has both UVA and UVB protection, compliant with European Standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013/Amd 1:2015
2. Wearing thin-framed sunglasses while playing sports

We are all guilty of wearing our favorite aviator sunglasses at the beach - and why wouldn't we, they look so amazing! The problem is, when it comes to beach volleyball or football on the sand - you should really switch to sunglasses with a thicker frame.

The reason is obvious - non-models are more likely to break if a ball unexpectedly hits you in the face, or if they fall on the sand and your teammate accidentally tramples on them!

So, in order to avoid loosing your favorite sunglasses to a clumsiness of others (or yourself, depend on your skills), why not wearing sport model for beach activities in a first place? Plus, they'd make you look like a complete pro! ;)


The green arms on the Ice Cube Plum make this model perfect for the beach - you'll definitely get noticed wearing them!


3. Keeping your sunglasses in a bag

The best thing about going to the beach is going into the water to cool off. And while you keep your stuff safely in your beach bag, one thing that's never safe, no matter who looks after your things while you're in the water is - your sunglasses. And that's not because they look so awesome that someone might grab them when you're not paying attention (although that is possible, of course) - we're talking about keeping them in your bag that's unsafe!
Just imagine - your keys, which can scratch your lenses, sunscreen - which will get them oily and hard to see through, plus all the sand that can later get inside your eyes...

To avoid these there's a simple solution. No, not to leave them at home, you need them to protect your eyes! Instead, keep them in a hard case, and then you can safely toss them all over your beach bag, without worrying for them! ;)

Did you know that Enzoriva sells hard cases as well? We have them in two variants, the Leather Case and Silky Case.



Hopefully you'll take these extra steps next time you go to the beach! :)

Oh, and one last thing! Just for our blog readers we have a special offer - 25% discount for products from this blog: Downtown Angel Lollipop, Ice Cube Plum and Silky and Leather Case! All you have to do is select models in the webshop, click ADD TO CART, and when you click CHECK OUT, type in BEACHTIPS as a discount code an a DISCOUNT field bellow the products!

Who knew this blog would be of such a help ;)

All eyes on you!

EnzoRiva team



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